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Head of Business & Public Relations

Dean is a Casino Veteran and has been following the Gambling industry for 20 years. Dean has a deep understanding of Online Casinos, Online Slots, Online Casino Bonuses, Online Casino Reviews, Online Sports Betting, Online Gambling, Casino News, and updates. With his experience, Dean fact-checks the Casino Treasure website to ensure that our users are well informed.

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Dean came to iGaming in 2004 as a player, enjoying online slots to pass some newly acquired free time, having sold a successful manufacturing business. He loves reading Casino and Sports Betting articles.
He has had a many-faceted career, working initially as a musician and composer, then as a music and entertainment journalist and promoter, before several successful ventures in everything from running a record label, to 20 years manufacturing steel building products, to commercial property development.
He enjoys working in businesses that service a clearly defined need and are consistent in pursuing their original goals, where being better is their point of difference. He strongly believes a business should not harm, its people, its customers, or the environment. Kind businesses with a heart and a sense of humor “Don’t take yourself seriously, take your customer seriously” is his mantra.
In his free time, he loves riding old motorcycles, playing old guitars, and singing and he still enjoys writing copy for the music and entertainment industry as well as writing and recording songs, which he publishes and releases, through live shows these days are reserved mostly for his dog Monty who, it has to be said, is not a big fan.

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